A new site is born

Welcome to our new Incredible Edible Prestwich site. It’s a garden along the space, or ginnel, in between Bedford Street and Kenyon Lane. A ginnel garden demonstrates how a community can work together to work on a small area and create a communal green space. It can include growing fruit and vegetables or planting to attract pollinators to encourage more biodiversity. Find out more from the RHS.

In this new project, we have 7 members growing mostly edibles and wildflowers. The garden will transform the space into something very colourful and productive.  It will also bring people together with a common cause and improve contacts and friendships.

As with all Incredible Edible projects, the produce is freely available for the use by the public.  Although we are applying for funding, mainly for planters, signs and compost, we’ve done it all with our own resources so far.

Residents nearby are welcome to take part. Some existing members don’t live off the ginnel, but we’re welcoming and say, “the more the merrier”. Other neighbours are also planning similar ginnel projects nearby, so we hope to add more in the near future.

Please contact Debbie or Mike to get involved.

The exact location is here.

Here’s a few pictures of the site from the first session.

Picture of a ginnel in Prestwich

Child helping cultivate the ginnel in Prestwich

4 people helping change the ginnel in Prestwich

Some of the plants for the ginnel in Prestwich



Want to learn more?

Ginnel Garden – Robert Street Kenyon Lane