Community Allotment: Done and To Do Lists (Jan/Feb 2023)

Incredible Edible’s Community Allotment on Albert Avenue Allotments in Sedgley Park provided us with a few hours of satisfactory work this month.

Space behind the shed – useful storage area

Last year our neighbour erected a fence in their garden and donated an extra metre wide space in the allotment plot, behind our shed. (We got the shed in 2020 from grant funding via the council’s Pitch funding for community groups.) Before the – very nice and very welcome – fence appeared, we had a messy “fence” of pallets and timber, with brambles, some unhapppy shrubs and weed tree seedlings growing through. Four of us cleared the space earlier in the month.

So many pallets!

At the very start of the month a couple of us finished planting garlic and winter onion setts. We can look forward to their harvest in summer. Even earlier, we’ll have rhubarb to share.

Well weeded path beside the garlic
Rhubarb, one of the easiest crops

A behind the scenes, but important task this month was an audit of our stash of seeds and ordering new ones. At IEPAD we get most of our seeds from Real Seeds. For the first time this year we’ve made use of our membership of Albert Avenue Allotment Association to get reduced prices on seeds from Kings Seeds. I ordered seeds for 3 of the IEPAD projects: the community allotment, St Mary’s Park Veg Beds and Brooklands Road Herb Beds. I also sowed some old tomato and chilli seeds. Hopefully at least some of them will germinate despite being old (the tomato seeds packet was 10 years old!) but I’ve ordered fresh as well. Plants extra to our projects’ needs sell well on Prestwich Clough day and provide some additional funds.

Looking ahead to February, we hope to replace the rotting timber of some of our raised beds on the community allotment. That’ll be a big job. All help gratefully received!

In an ideal world we’ll get time to clean the polytunnel before sowing peas, broad beans and cutting celery in modules. And we’ll move the harris fence panel to a new bed. It’s wonderfully useful for supporting climbing french and runner beans.

St Mary’s Veg beds volunteers have our planning meeting this coming Sunday (5th Feb). It’ll be lovely to see everyone again.

To join us and get involved please see this page and contact Joan.

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