August update at Philips Park

Hello Everybody.

Everything is progressing well at the Incredible Edible Prestwich & District (IEPAD) project in Philips Park. Despite some failures due to pests we are having a productive growing season from the raised beds, and there is going to be a good crop of apples from the orchard.

Sunday August 22nd is Prestwich Clough Day from 12pm to 4pm. If you would like to help on the stall, please let me know or just drop by and say hello if you are attending the event. We will have some plants to sell.

On Sunday September 5th there will be an open afternoon at Philips Park to show the work that has been undertaken there by the various volunteer groups who are based there. IEPAD will also be celebrating the opening of the new garden behind the poly tunnel which is now complete.

Philips Park garden 3

In preparation for the open day we are trying to tidy up the site and put some fresh wood chip on the paths, so there is plenty of work to do over the next few weeks if you have some spare time to help. Sessions are on a Saturday morning and Wednesday evening from 6.30.

Philips Park garden 1

The Friends of Philips Park have been doing sterling work in the formal garden and elsewhere. They need big sheets of cardboard for weed suppressant and mulching so if you have any unwanted boxes etc, they would be very grateful if you could bring them along to the Barn.

With all best wishes,


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