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A word about weeds

By Joan Mulvenna What is a weed? Well, a weed is any plant growing somewhere that we, as gardeners, don’t want it to grow. Therefore, any plant has the potential to be a weed, or to not be a weed. (more)

Growing your own vegetables: Tip 2

Prepare your soil extremely well When I’m creating a new bed, or cultivating an area for the first time, I like to start by double-digging.  This means digging a hole or trench (depending on how big the area is) to (more)

Growing your own vegetables: Tip 1

Are you planning to grow some vegetables?  Are you are beginner?  Wondering how to start? Any good gardener has learnt through experience.  They know their soil well and they know what grows in the different parts of their garden – (more)

Meanwhile at St Mary’s…

On Saturday 20th May we met in glorious sunshine to tidy and do some planting. We worked hard, and the beds look neat now after 3 of us clipped the grass around each one. Luckily we managed to get it (more)

Buttercups are mean and look like strawberries

As a beginner gardener, one of the first things I’ve learnt is how to tell apart buttercup leaves from strawberries. To the untrained eye, they look exactly the same. Buttercups, though, are mean: they’re considered a weed when you’re growing (more)

Philips Park Saturday

Yesterday we completed and filled the planter that the Boom group recently built. We are also experimenting with strawberries planted in pots and fastened to the fence in the hope that it will offer some protection from the local rodents!

St Mary’s Park: Seeds are here

Since our first season in 2011 we’ve ordered seeds from Real Seeds. This is a fantastic website and business run by Ben Gabel and Kate McEvoy in Wales. Their aim is “to assemble the best collection of really reliable, tasty and (more)