Community Allotment: Done and To Do Lists (Feb/Mar 2023)

Incredible Edible’s Community Allotment is on the Albert Avenue Allotment site in Sedgley Park, Prestwich. (Exact location via What Three Words: https://w3w.co/jobs.lime.pens)

I’m Joan, the project coordinator, and we have two sessions a week, subject to my availability. I’m going on holiday this month so the sessions are reduced but we’ll be back in action from Friday 24th March. To join us and get involved please see this page.

We got lots done during February. Many hands make light work!

The polytunnel had a thorough clean and tears were mended. Certain things can’t be cleaned on site so I took all our gloves home and put them through my washing machine.

Cleaning in action – using vinegar and bleach
A super clean polytunnel
Clean gardening gloves – we have a lot!

Water on the site is turned off in winter to prevent burst pipes. We harvest rainwater in our water butts, however cleaning with cold water is never easy. Luckily vinegar does a wonderful job of removing algae and grime. Tears in the polytunnel were patched up with sticky plastic. Then we were all set for sowing. We sowed broad beans, peas, salad bowl lettuce and red mustard.

Broad beans and peas are relatively large seeds

I sowed more tomatoes plus chillis, peppers and aubergines at home to add to my January sowings. We will certainly grow some of these on in our polytunnel through the summer, but we should have enough to pot up and sell on Prestwich Clough Day, generating much needed cash for the different Incredible Edible projects.

We covered bare soil on the plot. This’ll help warm up the soil, but also prevent weed seeds germinating by starving them of light. And we moved the Heras fence to a new bed – so we will rotate where we grow climbing beans from May. A huge amount of weeding was done – always good to get on top of the pesky weeds, such as creeping buttercup, at this time of year.

Beds have been weeded and covered – we still need to replace the rotten edging!

Looking ahead, there’ll be lots and lots of more seeds to sow in late March. And inevitably, more weeding to do.

We’ve worked out what timber we need to repair the beds – next step will be sourcing it.

We can look forward to planting more vegetables and herbs in the beds – hopefully the broad beans and peas will have germinated as well as the salad plants. And I’ll bring the tender seedlings such as tomatoes, chillies, peppers and aubergines from the warmth of my window sills to the polytunnel.

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