You might say To-may-to, but Suzanne says loads of Tomatoes!

Suzanne just wrote into us praising our tomato plants. Here’s what she had to say:

As is our tradition we bought tomato plants from Incredible Edible at Prestwich Clough Day this year. We have been very fortunate in the past to have good results with our plants but this year was outstanding. I bought 6 plants and put them in our utility room which gets sun all day. Within a few weeks they were ready to move outside onto a south facing wall. I bought potato seed grow bags and planted 2 plants in each one.

Tomatoes growing 1

Well, they have been my life’s work for the past few months. They grew and grew and grew and it wasn’t long until I was improvising ‘scaffolds’ to support these enormous plants. I nipped out the shoots as they appeared and fed the plants on a two weekly basis. As we had so much sun this year they needed drenching each evening. Then the fruit started to appear! We had several different varieties of tomatoes including what looked like beef tomatoes. I recorded the weight of my daily harvest and have this week stripped the plants and taken them down. In total I had 7.5kg of ripe tomatoes and 3.5 kg green tomatoes. I have managed to ripen virtually all the green tomatoes with the aid of a paper bag, ripe banana and a warm boiler room.

My harvest has given me 15 jars of tomato and chilli (also homegrown) ketchup, 20 portions of tomato soup and enough fresh pasta sauce to last us for a few months.
Incredible Edible Prestwich have gone above and beyond with these plants this year.

Thanks so much!

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