St Mary’s Park: New beds for 2017

The three veg beds in St Mary’s Park were first created in the autumn/winter of 2010/2011. How the time has flown!

A group of us created the beds with the full support of Bury Council. We used recycled scaffolding boards to edge the beds and began sowing and planting in March 2011.

In spring 2016, we decided that the scaffold boards had finally reached the end of their serviceable life. We looked at possible replacements and were extremely fortunate to be granted funding by Ambition For Ageing. So much so that we are now looking forward to new raised beds from Spring 2017. The beds will be edged with chunky timber sleepers and be about 70cm (2ft 4ins) high. So no more bending or kneeling to the ground. Hurray!

Our first session of the year will be on 4th March, 10am to noon. Come and join us. Whether you just want to have a nosey at our lovely new beds or to find out more about growing veg in sunny Manchester, you’ll be very welcome.

New bed at St Marys 2017
New raised beds spring 2017

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