Permaculture session at Philips Park

And so, we had the second get together of our North West Permaculture Network group, the first of 2023. This time the venue for the gathering was The Barn at Philips Park, headquarters for Incredible Edible Prestwich and District. This time round the gathering was Hosted by Permaculture Practitioners and Forest Gardeners Mike and Debbie.

We knew it would be interactive as even before everyone sat down there was a lively buzz of conversation and interaction.

Once we all settled with a warm brew and some lovely vegan chocolate cake, we began to discuss the basics of Permaculture. This was articulated very well by Mike Pope, and it also opened a field of related and interconnected subjects that were on people’s minds.

People sitting around a table talking about permaculture.

Before lunch we discussed food growing, access to Land,
reconnecting with nature for those recovering from Mental ill health and substance misuse. We also covered access to cleanly grown local food, alternative living, rocket stoves and money; other things that fall under the umbrella of the Permaculture ethics and principles.

Time seemed to fly by as people shared their concerns and interests round the table, before we knew it was lunch time. We then had a hearty and tasty plate full of vegetable casserole prepared by Debbie. Even as we ate our tasty nutritious lunch the buzz of conversation and forming bonds and connections continued unabated. People were swapping email addresses and phone numbers for future get togethers, and offering to share their skills and resources.

After lunch we were given a tour of the Gardens and orchards around the hall, which further added to the levels of interest and interaction. This was because we could see much of what we were discussing in the meeting room earlier on. Whilst in the growing areas of the project, we were informed about fruit tree pruning and grafting, perennial vegetable growing and wildflower cultivation that helped to enhance the soil’s structure and fertility.

The three hours that we planned for the session absolutely whizzed by at lightning speed and before we knew it, it was time to say our goodbyes.

I got the impression that everyone who attended and interacted in our permaculture day left the site energised and fired up to continue with their own efforts, projects and studies. Some even thought about developing new projects.

What a great day and a huge thank you to our wonderful hosts Mike and Debbie, and to the IEPAD team for a warm welcoming and enlightening day.

There’s still places for future sessions, so please contact us if you’re interested.

Steve Jones
Community Roots Permaculture project/North West Permaculture Network


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