Radcliffe Tram Station

At Radcliffe Metrolink station, there are 14 beds and a small wild flower meadow.


Radcliffe, M26 2SU

About the project

The Radcliffe tram station site was kindly donated by Metrolink some 18 months ago. It is located on the wheelchair access ramp behind the Manchester bound platform and contains 14 beds for growing and a small wild flower meadow. We initially grew vegetables and herbs, but due to a lack of volunteers and water supply, have decided to create a fruit and herb garden. There will be strawberry beds, rhubarb, cherry trees, white, red and blackcurrants, raspberries, 3 beds dedicated to herbs and the wild flower meadow. We are in the process of starting an Incredible Edible group dedicated to Radcliffe with a group situated at Close Park.

How to get there

Radcliffe Metrolink