Radcliffe – Growing’s not just for term time and oh Deer!

The Radcliffe site continues to amaze us, and we’re over the moon to have lots of growth this year. So far we’ve managed to harvest potatoes, radishes, lettuces, kale, onions and courgettes.

The harvest at Radcliffe

Talking of courgettes, we grew a rather large one, some of which has since been made into a rather delicious risotto!

Harvesting vegetables

It also turns out we have a family of deer making the most of the site too. They clearly have a sweet tooth though as we’ve been stripped of most of the berries and strawberries.

Berries, not yet eaten by the deer

The pupils from St John’s have been a great help on site and developed a real enthusiasm for growing. We hope we’ll see them over the summer holidays and when the new term starts.

Work on the seating areas is coming along nicely, this part of our plan to make the site accessible for all. Whether that’s to come and help out, or simply just for a chat and social interaction.

Seating area at the Radcliffe site

In the meantime, ideas on a postcard…what shall we do with the boat?

The boat at the Radcliffe site

If you want to get involved to help us please contact us through Facebook or e-mail us at iepad.volunteers@gmail.com

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