Radcliffe October 2021 update

We appear to have a been a bit tardy with our Radcliffe updates recently, but rest assured there is good reason for this.

Since our last update, the Incredible Edible Radcliffe team have been busy at several community events. Of note was the Eco Fun Day held at Radcliffe Market in early September. This was a fabulous opportunity for children and parents to learn about growing and get involved with a seed planting workshop. So, if there is an abundance of broad beans around Radcliffe in the coming months you’ll know why!

Earlier this month, we then had a pop-up stall at the Growing Together Radcliffe community event, again held at the market. Turnout was great in spite of the rain, and we were delighted to meet and learn about other community groups in the area too.

Volunteers manning stall

Meanwhile, on site we’re delighted to have built a couple of raised beds and continue with clearing and designing the site ready for planting next year.

Further to this, we’re delighted to have saved a few plants on the local supermarket shelves and look forward to seeing how they fare on the site, provided the local wildlife doesn’t get to them first!

As always, feel free to pop down to the site on Sunday afternoons,   whether it’s just for a chat, to get outdoors or alleviate a bit of stress digging and clearing.

Alternatively get in touch via the volunteering page on the IEPAD website.

See you soon!

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